Why I Write

ConfessionalWhen I consider why it is that I love to write so much I’ve   determined it’s because I am an extremely right-brained individual who can almost never turn my brain off. In fact,   sometimes I have two-three streams of thought going through my mind at the same time. For example: one layer can be the conversation I’m having; under that layer maybe the tune to the last 50s song I heard on Sirius in my Ford Edge; finally, ideas from the last WWII documentary I saw for the book I’m currently writing – Night and Fog. I started writing it in my mind where must of my writing takes place (I hate to revise so I write it   all in my mind and then input it into my computer). Anyway, I have spent about two years researching the war and reading dozen of books on the war and especially about the Norwegian Resistance Movement in which my family was deeply involved. I guess I can sum up my life by borrowing a quote from Sylvia Plath: “Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

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